E-Compass organised the first workshop for VINA project on 1st of   August 2018 in city centre of Athens with participants from educational sector mainly. More specific participants were representatives from University student community of Athens, local NGOs and VET schools’ teachers and students.

During this first workshop participants had the chance to be informed on VINA project the main scope of the partnership, objectives and outputs as well. E-Compass staff presented the platform to participants and the functionalities so they could understand the innovative use of the project outputs. The participants used the database and the ROTA analyser.

Various opinions were recorded and expressed from the participants, the comments from the first use of platform were positive and a lot of the attendees express their interest to receive more information on the progress of the database and ROTA analyser. The workshop finished with a general discussion about the project and staff engaged to invite participants to second workshop as well so they can have an updated view of the platform use.